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Dr Katerina Zarbi


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Dr. Katerina Zarbi – Magirou specializes in the orthodontic treatment of children and adults and is fluent in German and English.

She has been active in the practice of Orthodontics since 1982 and has treated a great number of patients facing either purely orthodontic problems, or problems requiring cooperation with other specializations of dentistry and medicine.

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Patient treatment is carried out by applying orthodontic methods which are adapted to the each patient’s specific problem, and uses the most modern and effective orthodontic mechanisms

Our goal is to achieve a high level therapy, taking into account oral health, function and aesthetics, the effects of which will not deteriorate in time.
We hope that our website will answer your basic questions about orthodontic treatments, while offering the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our orthodontics practice by presenting several finished treatments from our patient archive. We are looking forward to making your acquaintance in order to help you achieve the desired result: harmonious facial features coupled with a healthy and attractive smile.

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