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Ορθοδοντικό Ιατρείο - Δρ. Ζαρμπή

The following list of orthodontic emergencies and the ways to deal with them appear starting from the most benign to the most severe. Only the most serious emergencies require immediate examination by your orthodontist. Most are easily treated during your next scheduled appointment.

Food trapped between teeth
This is not an emergency, but can cause discomfort or embarrassment to the patient. It is easily dealt by flossing. Alternatively, use interdental brushes (or a toothpick if nothing else is available) to remove food trapped between your teeth and braces.

Bleeding during brushing or flossing
This is usually a sign of an inflammation in the area. Continue to keep the area clean by brushing well, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. Bleeding usually indicates that you have been neglecting the area when brushing.

Rubber bands come out
Very delicate wires or very small rubber bands hold the arch wire on each bracket. If a rubber band comes off, you may be able to put it back in place using sterilized tweezers. If a piece of wire protrudes and enters your lip or gum, but is not loose, you can push it into place with the tip of a cotton swab or a pencil eraser so that you eliminate the irritation.
In case many rubber bands or wires are loose or lost, you should call your orthodontist’s office to arrange an appointment informing him about the situation.

It is normal for an orthodontic patient to feel discomfort for a couple days after the visit during which, braces or other orthodontic mechanisms were applied. However, this can make eating unpleasant. This is normal and is only temporary. During those days you could take a painkiller to alleviate the pain, and consume mainly soft food.

Irritation inside the lips and cheeks
Sometimes recently applied braces or arch wires can be irritating to the mouth, especially during meals. A small piece of wax can function as a protector between the braces and oral mucosa. A packet with an appropriate wax is given to each patient the day his braces are applied. Cut a small piece and work it between your fingers until it gets the shape and size of a small pea, and then squeeze it between your thumb and index finger until it becomes flat (like lentils) and cover the brace that causes the irritation. You will immediately be able to eat more comfortably. If you accidentally swallow the wax do not worry, it is harmless. If wax is not available, use a small piece of chewed sugarless gum until you visit your orthodontist.

Loose or unfastened braces
If your brackets are loose in any way, please contact us soon to arrange an appointment. Braces are that parts of the fixed appliances that are attached to teeth with special glue. The brace may become loose due to chewing hard solid food or if during a game the patient is hit on the mouth. Even when a brace comes off, it usually remains connected to the arch wire by the rubber band.
If the loose bracket rotates and protrudes, you can cover it with wax to relieve the discomfort temporarily. In any case, call your orthodontist’s office immediately and report the situation.

If your braces or removable appliance are broken
Remove it from the mouth and call us to arrange an appointment to repair or replace it. Be sure to have it with you when you visit your orthodontist.

If you lose the removable appliance
Contact us soon to replace it.

If you swallow a part of your appliance
Remain calm. It will most probably be expelled through bowel movement, after passing through the stomach without causing any damage. However, if shortness of breath is manifest immediate medical attention is required. Your doctor will take an x ray to locate and then remove the appliance.

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