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The Ideal age to begin an orthodontic treatment

Κατάλληλη ηλικία έναρξης ορθοδοντικής θεραπείας - Δρ. Ζαρμπή
Κατάλληλη ηλικία έναρξης ορθοδοντικής θεραπείας - Δρ. Ζαρμπή

The ideal age to begin an orthodontic treatment, based on the American Association of Orthodontics, which recommends that children must be checked by an orthodontist at the age of 7.  Early detection of orthodontic problems is the key to an easier treatment with good results. The outdated view that the child needs to visit the orthodontist only when all the baby teeth have been changed is completely wrong and poses many risks.

Certain skeletal problems are easily treated at an early age because bone growth is not yet completed. Early diagnosis and treatment:

  • Reduces the likelihood  of having to extract permanent teeth to correct overcrowding
  • Reduces the risk of injuring protruding front teeth
  • Guides the development of jaws and permanent teeth into their proper positions
  • Fixes problems such as crowding, spacing or teeth rotations
  • Stops harmful habits
  • Improves both the appearance and self confidence of children at an early age, thus relieving them from their peers’ derisory comments.
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