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Treatments: Before and After

Θεραπείες Πρίν & Μετά - Ορθοδοντικός Δρ. Ζαρμπή
Ορθοδοντικές Θεραπείες Πριν και Μετά - Δρ. Ζαρμπή

We present a comprehensive before and after collection of treatments from our practice archives, which essentially covers all aspects of orthodontics. You can hopefully identify a problem similar to your own, see the result at the end of treatment and determine the stability of the result after many years.

You will notice that in most cases we provide 3 sets of photos:

  • The first set is the original photos of our patients before treatment
  • The second set consists of the final images showing the position of the face and teeth immediately after treatment
  • The third set – long term control – shows the state of the face and teeth 5 to 10 years after the end of treatment

We believe that this third series picture alleviates the ever-present fear of parents and patients about the stability of the orthodontic results after the removal of the appliances.

We warmly thank our patients for allowing us to use their photos on our website and accepting to visit our clinic many years after the end of their treatment to take this third set of photographs. For us, this last meeting is of the highest value.

You can search for orthodontic problems similar to yours by selecting some of the following case categories:

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