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The first visit to the Orthodontist

Αρχική Επίσκεψη - Ορθοδοντικός Δρ. Ζαρμπή

The needs of each patient are unique and call for individualized care. During his first visit the patient will express his attitude towards his problem and the expectations he has about his orthodontic treatment.

The first visit lasts approximately one hour and includes a careful clinical examination history taking and performing the clinical measurements required to determine the orthodontic situation, and finally a discussion of the treatment options.

We believe that only a well informed patient becomes involved and cooperates to achieve the best possible result. This cooperation consists of following to the letter the physician’s instructions, and in particular to wear the orthodontic appliances for the prescribed amount of time.

The numerous images of orthodontic treatments of our archive serve to inform the patient, as our archive covers a relatively complete listing of cases of dental and skeletal problems before and after treatment. By consulting this material, patients and their parents are informed from the outset on the nature and procedures of the required treatment.

Diagnosis and preparation of treatment plan is the next step. It involves dental impressions of the mouth, digital images and analysis of radiographs of the jaws and the teeth, leading to a comprehensive picture of the patient’s problem. The orthodontist assesses these records from to come up with a diagnosis and an appropriate, individualized treatment plan.

During the second appointment you will be informed about:

  • Whether you need an orthodontic treatment or not
  • Exactly when is the ideal time to start your orthodontic treatment
  • Diagnosis of your problem
  • Why treatment is necessary / not necessary
  • The appropriate treatment plan
  • The expected outcome and possible difficulties
  • Estimated Duration of Treatment
  • Nature / type of the required orthodontic mechanisms
  • The need and importance of your active cooperation and
  • Financial issues

By the end of this initial visit you will have all relevant information regarding your orthodontic treatment and will be ready, if you so wish, to start a treatment.

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