Characteristics of a normal face and mouth
Knowing what is normal helps recognizing what is not normal
A Normal Face is one that:
  • Has good proportions
  • Is symmetrical to the midline
  • Neither the upper or the lower jaw protrudes
  • The mandible does not deviate sideways
  • The lips are a bit behind an imaginary line joining the tip of the nose to the chin
  • The smile reveals as many as possible of the back teeth while the upper front teeth do not protrude from the lips
  • There are no intense muscle contractions
A Normal mouth is one where:
  • Upper and lower jaws show proper development and are in good relations amongst one another on all three dimensions.
  • The teeth are in good positions and form two beautiful arches, the upper one being slightly wider than the lower one.
  • The midline of the upper teeth coincides with the midline of the lower ones